Thank you for allowing us to serve the Great State of Maine and its constituents!

As of January 1, 2023, the emergency support provided to constituents in Maine via OnwardME and OnwardUS have transitioned to state-led agencies and resources. We had the honor of serving nearly one million people during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize many folks are still in need and if you’re looking for assistance, click the links to find our recommended partners for job training, essential services, and employment opportunities below. It was an honor to serve Maine!

Thank you for your support.

– The OnwardUS Team

How did OnwardUS help others?

With the help of community leaders, investors, and dedicated team members, OnwardUS connected with one million people looking for job training, employment, or essential services over the years.

OnwardME Coalition

OnwardME is an initiative of companies, foundations, and humans invested in Maine's people and communities.

State Coalition Partners

Special thanks to the state agencies, organizations, and partners in Maine who collaborated to make OnwardME possible.

Proud Partners of Onward:

Want to know more about OnwardME’s success?

If you are interested in the OnwardME’s story and its impact, please click the link below to get in touch.